Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was cited for going 128 mph

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was cited for going 128 mph on a 45 mph speed zone. The car he was driving was a Lexus LFA.

Busch, “aka – bad boy,” 26, has two other traffic citations on his record and is currently on probation by NASCAR because of a “little rough housing” with competitor Kevin Harvick at Southern 500 at Darlington (South Carolina) Raceway in May 7th of this year.

Busch issued an apology in a statement, saying, "I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road."

The statement included Busch's pledge that "something like this will never happen again."

As far NASCAR, NASCAR does not require a highway driver’s license for its competitors and also does not involve itself in their highway driving affairs.

"This is a matter that Kyle will have to handle with the authorities in Iredell County," spokesman Kerry Tharp said. "Based on what we know right now, this would not impact his status as a NASCAR driver."

Busch was cited for another speeding violation — a much slower one, at 44 mph in a 35-mph zone — in Iredell County in 2008. Two years before that, he was fined $150 on a reckless driving charge in Richmond, Virginia.

Busch has won two races in the Sprint Cup Series this year and ranks 3rd in driver points. He has won nine other races in the Nationwide and Camping World series. He drives Toyotas for Joe Gibbs Racing in the Cup Series and also owns his own race team.

The NASCAR circuit is on home territory this week, with the Coca-Cola 600 scheduled Sunday at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chrysler has paid back loans.

Chrysler has paid back the money that the U.S. and the Canadian governments, Said the automaker on Tuesday.

 It all included; $5.9 billion owed to the U.S. taxpayers and $1.9 billion owed to the Canadians, Chrysler said. "The original loans were repaid in full, more than six years ahead of schedule, along with the payment of accrued interest and additional consideration," said Chrysler, in a statement.

This doesn’t mean that Chrysler is debt free no, no, no. In fact, Chrysler took an additional loans last week to help pay off older debt. Isn’t that the same like paying a credit card bill with another credit card? Will it be a near ending cycle to pay one loan with another one? Well the company said that “it could save $300 million in annual interest payments through refinancing”.  

There is a saying in Puerto Rico that says: it’s like drying a puddle of water with a wet towel. Well I’m glad that Chrysler that pay off the loans to the U.S. and the Canadians. But now how they are going to do with the rest of the loans.

New Eagles Speedster will debut next month at Salon Prive.

Eagles have created a lighter, faster of the E-Type two sitter version. The
Eagles Speedster will debut next month at Salon Prive.

Eagles had been restoring and selling vintage Jaguar E-type for nearly 30 years. It also created it own 50-year-old Malcolm Sayer classic, also called E-Type, and in 2009 unveiled its first E-Type Speedster, which was conceived initially as a one-off model for a well-heeled American customer.

The latest version of the E-Type weight was over 2,200 lbs. The E-Type is powered by a fuel-injected 4.7-liter inline-6 that makes 310 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque, and is mated to a five-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential.

Eagles clam that from 0-60 MPH it takes only less then 5 second, with the top speed only 160 MPH.

The E-Type Lightweight Speedster sports 16-inch tires on aluminum rims with stainless-steel spokes, drilled and vented brake discs with aluminum 4-pot calipers, double wishbones, adjustable shocks and stabilizer bars.

More details is going to be announced at Salon Prive, which run in June 22-24. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

2012 Honda Civic recalled for gas leak that could cause fire.

2012 Honda Civic recalled for gas leak that could cause fire.

Honda is recalling 1,156 2012 Civic coupes and sedans in the U.S. because a fuel leak could result in a fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Honda said in a statement that no injuries or fires have been reported related to this defect and that most of the affected vehicles have not yet been sold.The recall will begin on May 27.

"There is a possibility that an O-ring, which seals a connection in the fuel feed line, is misaligned," said NHTSA in its recalls summary of the problem. "If the O-ring is misaligned, a small fuel leak may occur. Fuel leakage, in the presence of an ignition source, could result in a fire."
Honda said in a statement posted on its Web site that no injuries or fires have been reported related to this defect and that most of the affected vehicles have not yet been sold.
It explained that during manufacture of the fuel-line assembly, an O-ring may have been displaced, which could potentially lead to a fuel leak at a joint where two segments of pipe attach to each other.
In other documentation filed with the federal government, Honda said that a worker at Honda Canada Manufacturing first noticed a fuel smell on a 2012 Civic on April 29. The company initiated a production hold on suspect units on that day.
Honda dealers will replace the fuel feed line assembly in the affected Civics. The recall is expected to begin on May 27. Owners can contact Honda at 1-800-999-1009.

By Anita Lienert via Insideline

Auto’s Rev been updated.

Auto’s Rev been updated.

Welcome to the new Auto’s Rev (v2.0). We added a new layout making it easier to move around. Hope you like it – Xion - admin

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Performance chip? What is it?

As some people know, your vehicle is controlled by a computer, called engine control module (ECU). What it does it regulates the engine's timing, fuel distribution and emissions. By adding an after market performance chip (or also know as Superchip), one can set the Horsepower and/or it’s fuel distribution.

The reason for a performance chip is to improve a certain functions on a vehicle. Such as fuel efficiency and turbo boost, by replacing an existing chip with a modified, compatible chip.

When the performance chip is connected to your vehicle, it immediately detects the ECU settings and uses them regulate whatever functions it was programmed for. For instance, if it is supposed to improve fuel efficiency, it will receive signals from the fuel system, and the chip will adjust its settings to regulate all fuel issues.

Although performance chips are beneficial for enhancing certain vehicle functions, they also void any manufacturer warranties you have for your vehicle. This is mainly because the engine control unit (where the chip is installed) is a sensitive, computerized area, and any disruptions within it can cause engine failure.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it a station wagon or a sport car?

Look out! There is a new hatchback in town and eager to take down its competition.

Image by Dave Yoder

Ferrari (that right Ferrari) just whips out its new $370,000, v8, and 660 horsepower hatchback 800 FF. This is not a station wagon but a sport car, capable to reach 150 MPH. So far all 800 FF is scheduled for production this year sold out within weeks. So order yours now before the one year waiting list.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ford and Google merging!

Ford and Google merging!

2012 Ford Focus BEV
Ford and Google team up to predict where drivers are going.

Ford and Google is merging together to make a new technology for the Ford future automotives. This well make more drivers drive more efficient. Making the way we drive better by 100%.

Ford going to improve its new 2012 Ford Focus BEV (or Battery Electric vehicles). Which it is coming out later this year. Ford is going to team up with the all popular Google Inc.  Ford will be using the Google’s Prediction API to help you with your common routes, in order to improve your performance.

Jóhannes Kristinsson, the systems architect of Ford's Vehicle Controls Architecture and Algorithm Design team said the new project differs from Ford's ongoing collaborations with university research teams to study traffic patterns.

The Predictive API will be exclusively focused on the driver, logging and analyzing their driving history.  In that regard, it is oblivious to traffic.  By studying a user's driving patterns, the system tries to "predict where the driver is going and then optimize the upcoming trip with respect to electric driving zones."

Data is only going to be collection for now, and transferred to dedicated server hardware as the history logging and route analysis is quite intensive, in terms of storage and processing power.  Data sent to the cloud would be made anonymous to protect users' privacy.

At a later time, information from multiple users in an area could possibly be compiled to form better route-specific programs, allowing a user to get semi-optimized performance for routes they haven't personally driven before.

Describes Mr. Kristinsson, "The focus of this research is how we can make the vehicle perform better for the driver’s personal driving habits. In a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, there are both a traditional engine, and an electrical motor connected to a large battery which can be charged from the grid. The vehicle needs, at all times, to determine which of these to use at any time in order to meet the drivers demands and deliver great drivability."

"If we can predict where the vehicle is going, and confirm this with the driver we can save electrical energy for upcoming occasions, or "electrical zones" in this case, in order to give the driver a great driving experience for all portions of the route."

For more info visit:

Mercedes-Benz Updates the E-class for 2012

Mercedes-Benz Updates the E-class for 2012!

Mercedes-Benz will change its 2012 line-up to a more powerful V6 and V8 direct injection engine. So far the C-class will benefit with this, but with in the next few months the E-class and also the S-class will get a new boost from these engines.

All the E350 will receive the Mercedes’ 3.5-liter, direct-injection V-6, which produces 302 hp and 273 lb-ft – the same engine that is in the 2012 C350. Other then the E350, the E550’s well get a turbo boost, well make it a twin turbo boost V8 engine!

The new E-class will be release some where in June, also some on October.